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Company profile

We are specialized in the research and development, production and sales of more than 100 series and more than 60,000  specifications of industrial electrical products based with independent intellectual property rights, mainly Intelligent electrical  appliances (Prepaid & reclose circuit breaker, intelligent measuring switch, PV grid-connected intelligent switches, intelligent  reclose MCCB), Modular din rail (MCB, RCBO, miniature isolating switch, self-recovery overvoltage and undervoltage  protectors), Distribution apparatus (ACB, MCCB, RCBO, ATS, knife switch, isolating switch, fuse), Motor control &  protection (AC contactor, relay, vector inverter), High-voltage electrical appliances (high-voltage vacuum auto recloser circuit  breaker, indoor/outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker), Low-voltage switchgear (Electric meter box, distribution box,  cable branch box, control box, distribution protection switch box) and so on.

The company shoulders the mission of "Smart Power @ Better Life", and has been committed to providing high-quality products  and services for customers at home and abroad. The domestic marketing network has 6 regions, 8 service points, 200 first-level  distribution partners and 2,000 second-level distribution partners, effectively covering 150 prefecture-level cities and 400 countylevel cities. The international marketing network has 15 first-level distribution countries, and effectively covers 60 countries.

was founded in 1988, has more than 35 years of industrial electrical profes sional manufacturing experience.


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Mission & Vision
to create a century-old enterprise.
smart electrical interconnection for a better life.
users as the core, quality to win trust, integration and innovation, adhere to diligence, sharing and empowerment.
Our History
The fourth generation of CNC products was born, "giant" boutique serie
The company ranks among the top 100 of China's electrical industry.
The CNC was established in Shanghai, and the high-tech industrial park began to
The import and export of the CNC was established, and Great Wall electrical prod
Set up Zhejiang CNC Electric Appliance Group and began to expand.
The first generation of CNC DZ10 250 molded case circuit breaker was born.